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  • Promote your PAID employment (Graduate, Internship, Full-time, Part-time, Casual)
  • Raise your profile to attract the best candidates for your organisation
  • Host a Virtual Webinar or Campus event to raise awareness of your brand to Griffith students

This portal is designed to enable you to automatically register and advertise directly to Griffith Students and Graduates FREE OF CHARGE and share all of your paid employment opportunities. All job vacancies will be subject to approval by the Griffith Careers and Employment Team as per our Terms and Conditions.

We support all employers: large, government, not for profit, volunteering, SMEs and small businesses. Our focus is providing PAID Employment opportunities to Griffith students and graduates to ensure your obligations are met as part of the Fair Work Ombudsman requirements.

Recruitment Services

As part of our commitment to employers the Careers and Employment Team offer a range of services to employers. If you are starting the process of building your talent pipeline for student and graduates or you are ready to advertise your vacancies we can assist you.

Should you wish to discuss your Graduate Recruitment Strategy or On Campus Engagement Strategy to maximise your applications please contact the Careers and Employment Team on 07 3735 5345 or email career-opportunity@griffith.edu.au
To access our premium recruitment and shortlisting service, please contact our Student Employment consultants on 07 3735 7099 or 07 5552 7152 or email studentemployment@griffith.edu.au

Engagement Strategies Tailored to your Business

Discuss your recruitment needs, graduate program or on campus engagement strategies with us and we will develop customised support to suit your hiring needs.

To find out all you need to know about engaging students, recruiting graduates and promoting your vacancies and industry events call us on 07 3735 5345 or email career-opportunity@griffith.edu.au or studentemployment@griffith.edu.au

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