C&ES - Host a Webinar to Griffith University Students and Graduates

Express interest in hosting a virtual or on campus event for our students.

Express interest in hosting an event for your organisation virtually.

If you would like to host an event virtually or if you would like us to promote an external virtual employment related event for students, please use the form to provide further details. We will provide your organisation with a link that you can use to host your webinar, and we will provide our students with a link that they can use to watch and listen to your online presentation. If you have any collateral you would like us to use to promote through our social channels, please attach in form.
Would you like Griffith Careers and Employment to host your event for you? We will set up your webinar through Teams, which all Griffith students have a log in to, and provide you with the link. When it's time to present, all you need to do is click the link and your audience will be signed in and ready to go.
If you have a pre-existing web link for your event please provide, otherwise Griffith Careers Team will organize this for you.
If students will need particular software/technology for your event, please specify.