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Griffith CareerBoard is open to both current Griffith students and Alumni.  It is a great way to advertise jobs effectively to current students and recent graduates.

You must login if you wish to place a job vacancy on CareerBoard.

» Login existing user
» Register new user and create your profile
» Fill in the job form
» Terms and Conditions
» Things you may need to know
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Register and create your profile

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New employers - register first
New employers must first register online (you need only register once). You will be notified by email when your registration has been approved. Once registered, you can use your User ID and password to login to advertise vacancies.

Creating your profile
When you complete the registration form, a profile of the organisation is created. This sets the options available to you when you wish to advertise a vacancy. You can edit the details in your profile any time you login. 

There are a number of categories to note when creating your employer profile.

Discipline type
You will be asked to select a discipline from a generic list of discipline areas. Select the discipline area that best fits the students you are targeting. You may select more than one discipline.

Employment type
You may target students according to whether you are advertising for casual, part-time, full-time or project role.

You will be asked to select a campus. You may wish to target students from all Griffith campuses, or your vacancy may be appropriate to just one campus. A selection is provided for "All Campuses" or you can select sub-groupings of campuses by holding the 'CTRL' key. Campuses are: 

» Nathan
» Logan
» Gold Coast
» Mt Gravatt
» South Bank (Qld College of Art (QCA)/Qld Conservatorium Griffith University (QCGU)

You will be asked to select an industry type which best describes the type of business activity in which your organisation is primarily engaged.

Fill in the job form

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Advertising a vacancy
To advertise a job vacancy, login with your username and password, and click on the link 'Add a job'.

If your specific contact details are not in CareerBoard, select 'Add a Contact' before completing the vacancy form, and then select your 'Contact' details in the job form, and then select your 'Contact' details in the form (these contact details are not seen by students). Details required are as follows:

Position and Company information

» Position title
» Company name

Summary Information

      This will be the "lead text" to attract students / graduates
      - max of 250 words:

Example: Axon Ltd is seeking a marketing grad to work full time in their offices at Ipswich

Detailed information
This can be around 2000 words. Include:

» Name & nature of your business
» Location of the position
» Key information about the position including duties
» Selection Criteria where appropriate
» Degree, majors or study required
» Hours per week (if relevant)
» Any other relevant information you wish to indicate at advertising stage

Event form – like advertising jobs online, the Event formis an easy and effective way to advertise your upcoming Off Campus Career Event or Presentation. To organise and advertise On Campus Career Events please contact  Alex Hargreaves on telephone 07 3735 5345 or email:

Terms and Conditions

All jobs are subject to approval by Griffith staff. ‘Commission only’ jobs will not be accepted. Please read the Careers and Employment Service Terms and Conditions.

Things you may need to know

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  • There is a 20 minute time limit to fill in the job form, otherwise the information will be lost.
  • Closing Date, if not specified, will default to one month from date of entry
  • Character limitsapply when filling in the job form for the following fields:

    » Summary – 250 characters
    » Detail – 2000 characters
    » Application Procedures – 1000 characters

  • ProtocolsFields can include:

    » Bullet points by typing an '*' at the beginning of each line
    » Hyperlink(s) back to your website in the "Detail" and/or Application procedure.
       Please include http:// in your website address.

  • Your job has been successfully submitted for approval when you see the pop-up message, 'The job was successfully added to CareerBoard …'   If you don’t see a pop-up message, the job (as well employer registrations and events) has not been submitted for approval.
  • To view, edit (e.g. closing date), close job advertisements and see job statistics you can login and click on ‘Current Jobs’ or ‘All Jobs’ listed under ‘My Details’. 

Contact for assistance

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Paid Employment Opportunities (Full-time, part-time and casual)
Telephone: 07 3735 5345